Thursday, September 22, 2011

Biking Fools

My youngest son has started biking with me in the mornings. My Mom lives at about the halfway point of my morning commute and she takes my kids to school in the morning so it has worked out pretty well that Caleb will get up a little early and then bike with me over to Ma's house. I'll drop him off there and then continue on my way to work. When I get done with work I'll bike over there to pick him up and then he and I will bike home.

This is an awesome way to spend time together doing something we both love doing. In fact, this morning we both got to experience the beauty of the sunrise from our bicycles. There are not words to describe what an awesome experience that is to share with your child.

Caleb has been working on his brother and sister to take it up as well but there's a cost of entry involved. To bike you've got to get up earlier and you've got to be on the ball about getting ready. If not you're going to be late. Neither of my older two are what you'd call morning people so they've taken to the idea with about as much enthusiasm as a cat would to a bath. Which is to say that they have not done it at all. Not even once.

But they do bike. My whole family does. It's something we all enjoy doing and can do together. I think it is important for families to have some shared interests. I would like to think that when they are adults they will look back on these family bicycle outings and remember them fondly. I know I will. I have a folder on my work computer of pictures I've taken on our bicycle excursions. They remind me of where we've been and offer promises of experiences to come. Here are a few of them:

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